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Horny anal retentive chick Alluring Taylor May spends the afternoon preparing for her lover to ass fuck her when he gets home. When it cums to butt sex Taylor is beyond anal retentive as she plans every detail out before hand. As john walks in the door he sits down because he is tired from a long days work. However, Taylor has other plans and walks into the room dressed like a total slut. Sexy red lingerie with a pair of black stripper heals. She is completely ready to have her man buried deep in her tight young ass. Blindfolded she leads John to the bedroom where she then ties his hands up over his head. Then sliding his trousers off she slowly takes his tip into her warm mouth. Then gently taking his shaft deeper while sucking slightly. Johns cock is rock hard and ready for her now.

Taylor backs her ass up onto his cock. She pauses momentarily as his giant rod penetrated her ting tight butthole. Then she begins to thrust her hips back taking his cock deeper inside of her with every thrust. This is even better for her that when she was in her anal retentive state of planning earlier that day. John winds up getting his hands free and grabs a hold of her to plow her harder. Now John can really thrust deep into her ass as he grips her neck. Taylor loves it and cums several times during the anal sex. However, as John is wearing out she takes control climbing on top. Once on top Taylor anally rides his cock until he is ready to explode his load all over. Quickly hopping off Taylor turns around just in time to take his cock into her mouth as he cums!

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April 19, 2017

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