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Blair Williams Emerging Superstar

Blair Williams is one of the emerging superstars in the porn industry. The young blonde was born in Loma Linda, California. She is almost 23 years old weighing around 145 lbs. She has addictive curves measuring 36D 29 38. First, you cannot resist those juicy breasts that look natural even after she got them enhanced. Secondly, her big round ass will make you skip a heartbeat when it moves. Blair Williams has an unforgettable smile on her face and her beautiful blue eyes add to her prettiness. Above all, her voluptuous body is complemented by her height. She is 5 feet and 9 inches tall with attractive long legs. From reality shows to the adult movies and photo shoots, this Caucasian beauty has bundles of entertainment to offer. Coming from a religious background in her early days of life, now adult entertainment is her religion. She is committed and focused on shining brighter in near future.


Of course, we all know about the reality show Sex Factor. Blair Williams started her career by appearing on Sex Factor and later ending up as a winner. According to her recent interviews, this was not planned. An advertisement on social media made her curious. After inquiring about the details of the ad, she realized that she wanted to do it. The reality show appearance gave her career a jump-start. Currently, Blair Williams has more than 70 movies in her portfolio. Another encouraging aspect is that she has been continuously doing photo shoots. A lot of famous agencies are signing this beautiful blonde. At this point, she is appearing in genres such as threesome, hardcore and striptease. Presently, her famous movies are Paranormal Sexperiments and Escape from Pleasure Planet. No doubt, that all these statistics are indicating towards a bright future Blair Williams has ahead.

Blair Williams Popularity

As a matter of fact, her fan following is reassuring and is increasing day by day. For instance, she has around 84K followers on Twitter, which is a good number. On the other hand, she is ranked around 300 worldwide on a couple of famous adult platforms. At the same time, her ranking is continuously increasing from the past few weeks. Therefore, she is the recent Twistys treat of the month appearing in an inducing white outfit. Regrettably, Blair Williams is not doing live cam shows, which could be disappointing for some of her fans. In other words, she has a lot of work and does not have time for extra work. As a result, she has performed in more movies as compared to most other artists at her level. Moreover, she has an Instagram account, which is becoming popular as she keeps on posting her stunning photos.

Career Goal

In addition to her achievements in reality shows and other platforms, Blair Williams has two nominations in 2017. Ironically, she could not win any of the two but the critics are hopeful that she will bag one next time. In the first place, she is committed and focused on her career. She likes this profession and wants to continue it for a long time. Apart from working for Twistys, she is working for various famous agencies in the industry. Blair Williams is passionate to earn loads of money and make her mark on the screen. For this reason, she is always doing different experiments and does not hesitate to sign up for challenges.

On the other hand, she has improved her sexual skills a lot despite being a late starter as a teenager. As a result, she has appeared promising in her recent videos. According to Blair Williams, she wants to climb the top model ladder as quickly as possible. Appearing mostly in hardcore and teen videos currently, she is gradually moving towards mature roles. Strangely enough, she did not have much experience with girls prior to joining the industry. For this reason, she is going an extra mile to get a good grip of her acts with girls. When she is not working, she meets other girls from the agencies to have a firsthand experience and soon she will be signing more projects in the lesbian category.

Likes and Dislikes

At the same time, the young and beautiful Blair Williams has a life off camera too. It is not glittery and it is as normal as any other girl around the world is living. Being kind hearted and a good soul, she volunteers a lot. Snowboarding and taking long walks on the beach are some of her favorite pastimes. House and Electronic music is one of her interests but she also likes old music from the 80s and 90s. This bond with the old music was established, as her parents liked it during their prime. Like most of the people of her age, she considers country music mostly sad and does not like it much. Lucy is one of her favorite movies and she liked how Scarlett Johnson played her role in it. In addition, when she is not taking walks on the beach or snowboarding, she likes to watch Netflix.

Blair Williams has a good taste when it comes to food. Some of her favorites include Sushi and Chipotle. Furthermore, she has fantasies off and on camera, which she is eager to fulfill. Keeping her early teen life in mind, it is not paradoxical that she has yet to have a serious relationship in her life. She had been with a couple of boys before but she has yet to experience the dynamics of a relationship or being in love. By choice, Blair Williams wants a tall man, which is understandable keeping her own tall stature in mind. Moreover, she is not only into looks and she wants her man to be an intellectual. Someone she can have conversations with and someone knowledgeable. Overall, the young Caucasian beauty is a complete package her fans want.

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March 20, 2017
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