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Step Cousins and Lesbian Three Ways

Here we have a perfect demonstration of how well step cousins and lesbian three ways go together. Lexi, Sheila and Blondie suck each others clits off after school one day while their parents are still at work. You see Blondie and Lexi have all ready been licking each others pussies while keeping it on the down low from Sheila. However, today they keep asking Sheila if she has ever been with another girl or thought about it. Sheila growing very suspicious demands to know where all of these questions are coming from because she is getting uncomfortable. So in response to her demand Lexi begins to rub her pussy. Sheila instantly is totally into it and says nothing while Lexi removes her panties. Sheila actually enjoys Lexi eating her moist snatch so much that she doesn’t mind when Blondie joins in. This chick just got turned out by her cousins.

Rates : 80640


April 23, 2017

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