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Sexy firm tit teen Dillion Harper has panties 4 sale to make some extra cash. She has been selling her used panties and bras to all of the boys in her school. However, as things always have a tendency to go south her coach busts her with panties all over his desk. He is bewildered and asks sexy young Dillion just what the fuck she is doing. She states that she is selling panties . He can see that much because it says panties 4 sale in big letters on the chalk board. Dillion tells him don’t worry it’s for a good cause as she is saving while still in school for her college tuition. She then asks if he would like to buy a pair because she really doesn’t know what else to say. Her coach can’t believe she just asked him that. But as it turns out she is just to hot to not try and fuck her while he has the chance. So he tells her he wants to buy the bra and panties that she is wearing. She gets the hint and also gives him a blow job before letting him destroy her young 18 year old pussy.

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April 14, 2017

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