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So what do you do when you find out you have a stripper sister like Cameron Dee ? Well, this is what Cameron’s step brother does when he sees her stripping in the strip club. The next day he approaches her while she is getting ready to leave and asks where she is going. Cameron says she is going to the gym and he snatches her bag from her pulling out stripper heels. She starts yelling at him to leave her stuff alone and he states I’ve go a stripper sister, yea I seen you at the club. She tries to deny it and he says he has proof and he should tell their parents. He then makes her strip for him and give him a lap dance. But hey if your step sister looked that good what would you do? He even cums in Cameron’s pretty little mouth.

A few days later she stumbles in late at night drunk as fuck. But while she is in such an inebriated state her brother helps her out. He helps her right out of her clothes and she is totally down to fuck. Cameron already didn’t have any panties on and her pussy was wet. He bends her over so he can watch her spectacular ass and pounds her pussy doggy style. Some how they managed to not wake their parents. A few weeks later he finds out she is failing college and she already knows what time it is. She strips and fucks his brains out. Damn having a stripper sister like that must be fucking awesome. From there on out they fuck just because Cameron loves her step brothers cock. This hot stripper just wishes that he would stop cuming in her mouth.

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April 6, 2017

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